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How to use Time Passes
How to use Time Passes
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Time Passes can be used in the same way as, for example, 10-day-tickets at a swimming pool. The advantage is that users can buy tickets themselves and then redeem them at any time, just as if the swimming pool ticket were stamped.

This is how you set up Time Passes in coapp:

  • In order for your members to be able to buy Time Passes, you first have to create them: You create a Time Pass in Manage > Monetization > Time Passes.

  • Click on Create and follow the steps to set it up.

This is how your members buy Time Passes:

  • Created Time Passes can be purchased by your members on their own. To do this, click on your own profile picture (top right) and then select Account > Time Pass.

This is how Time Passes are redeemed:

  • To redeem, click Apply Now

How to buy Time Passes for members as an Admin

  • To buy a Time Pass for a member, go to Manage > Community > Members, select the member and then click Edit in the menu next to Time Passes. The member must have an active plan and payment method.

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