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How to connect coapp with Zapier?
How to connect coapp with Zapier?

In this article we will show you how to connect coapp to zapier and create your first zap.

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Connect with Zapier

  1. In the Manage area, go to Settings and select Integrations.

  2. Click Zapier

  3. Click on the link

  4. Log in to Zapier or create a new account

  5. After you have logged in or created a new account, go back to coapp and click the link again

  6. Click Accept Invite & Build a Zap

Create a Trigger

In our example, we connect coapp to Slack. Every time a new member signs up via coapp (trigger), a message should be created in Slack (action). Of course, you can make completely different connections from a large list of apps.

  1. Click Create Zap

  2. Type coapp in the search box.

  3. After that choose an event, e.g. new user, and click on continue.

  4. Click Sign in to

  5. A pop up window will open. To generate the SpaceID and ApiKey click on create in the upper right corner of coapp. Than click OK

  6. Copy SpaceID and ApiKey and paste both into the zapier popup window

  7. Then test the trigger and click continue

Create an Action

An action is initiated by a trigger. We have just set the trigger. Now we want to define what happens after that.

  1. Search in the search field for the app which should execute the action. In our case Slack

  2. Then select the action to be executed in the drop down menu and click continue

  3. Then give zapier permission to access your app, click continue, and depending on the app, set the action the way you want it.

  4. Don't forget to turn on your zap. Done :)

Are you missing triggers or actions? You have questions or suggestions?

Then contact us!

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