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The next steps to become successful with coapp

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Congratulations, you have chosen coapp!

Your community platform is still empty and doesn't look like your own platform yet? We want to change that.

Before you invite your community, you should follow these steps to make the user experience really convincing.

  1. Complete your profile

    Be a good role model and complete your own profile. As soon as you invite your team or members, your face will appear in all dialogs.

  2. Add custom domain

    When you create a space, we assign random domains. To personalize your domain click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select "Manage". Then click Settings at the bottom left and select Domain. Now change your domain (example: and click save.

    Add custom domain

  3. Upload your logo and change colors

    To make coapp really your own social platform, you should upload your logo. You can do this by clicking on Customization in the Settings (see point 2 how to get there). Now you can upload a logo. Don't forget to save it. Here you can find help on how to upload a logo. Directly below the logo uploader you can adjust the colors.

  4. Customize user onboarding

    Your team and new members will be shown the user onboarding when they log in for the first time. You can customize these 4 steps according to your needs. You can do this by clicking on Customization in the Settings (see point 2 how to get there), then scroll down. In the first step you can start with a personal welcome and a team photo. Complete the other steps. The preview on the right side will help you with all steps.

    Customize user onboarding

  5. Invite team and user

    Invite your team and your members now. In the Manage area, click on Community > Members in the menu on the left. And then invite everyone! πŸ™Œ After your team has signed up, you can appoint them as admins under Space > Administrators (How to add administrators).

    πŸ‘‰ In the meantime you can fill the feed a bit so that your users don't enter an empty platform. Create your first post and your first project.
    What are you waiting for?

    Invite team and user

  6. Subscribe now

    Did coapp convince you? Superb! Go to the Manage area and click on Settings at the bottom left and then select Account. Now you can start your subscription. Your free trial period will continue even after you sign up.

    Subscribe now

  7. Connect coapp with Stripe to receive payments

    With coapp payments by Stripe you can create and manage subscriptions, plan upgrades, resources, paid events (soon) and many things more. Members can choose their own plan and payment method, as well as book rooms, resources and anything else you want to offer. Invoices are sent automatically every month.
    To the Setup Guide

    Connect coapp with Stripe to receive payments

  8. How to use the booking calendar and make your resources bookable

    With the booking function of coapp you have the possibility to make your resources (such as meeting rooms, shared vehicles, screens, machines, etc.) bookable by your community. This article will help you set this up.

Superb! πŸš€ These are the essential first steps you should take. Now your community can sign up, network, use infrastructure and grow beyond physical boundaries.

And you can create paid events and resources, keep your community up to date, help them network, set up project groups, connect more apps to coapp with zapier, and more.

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