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How to add administrators
How to add administrators

adding your team to your space is easy

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When creating your coapp community platform you automatically have the full administrator rights that will allow you to make all configurations and customizations possible.

However, when working with a team of community managers, you'll want to give access to more people than just you, to get more community work done together.

There a two ways to add more administrators to your coapp space. In order to add more administrators you have to be an admin of your space.

Make existing users an administrator

  1. Go to Manage > Space > Administrators

  2. Click on "Add"

  3. type in the name to search for the user you want to make an admin

  4. Click on the "Make Admin" button next to the user you want to make an admin

Invite new users as administrator

  1. Go to Manage > Community > Members

  2. Click on "Invite"

  3. enter the email address of the person you want to add as an admin

  4. turn the switch "As admin" to on

  5. click the "+" button and repeat the first steps to add more admins

  6. send the invite by pressing the "invite" button

Removing admins

You can always remove admins from your space by navigating to Manage > Space > Administrators and clicking the "Delete" button next to the admin you want to remove.

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