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How do I change the address on an invoice?
How do I change the address on an invoice?
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Time and again, members of your community need a different address on their invoice or want to change it.

In many countries, however, changing an invoice is prohibited by law. For this reason, it is not possible to change an invoice in coapp. However, you can cancel an invoice and issue a new invoice with the desired address without triggering new payments.

1. In your Stripe Dashboard, find the Customer you want to re-bill. The easiest way to do this is to search.

2. Make sure that the correct address is entered under Client Details. This is the same billing address that was entered in the coapp profile under Manage Space > Community > Profile. If this is not the correct address change it accordingly.

3. Under Invoices, select the invoice you want to reissue and select More > Issue a credit note.

In the dialogue, enter a comprehensible reason for the cancellation (this is also helpful for possible audits) and select below that the credit from the cancellation should be credited to the customer's balance. This way you ensure that the amount of the credit note is not immediately refunded to the customer, but remains as a credit in the customer account.

4. Now you just need to create a new invoice for your customer. You do this in the Stripe detail view for your customer and click on Create invoice under Actions. Here you add the same services as in the original invoice so that the new invoice has the same total amount. In the invoice preview, you can already see under Applied Balance that the customer's existing balance will be used for billing.

Once you have created the invoice, everything is done πŸŽ‰

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