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How to sync a booking resource with Google Calendar?
How to sync a booking resource with Google Calendar?
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Integrations > Google Calendar

What this feature does

Synchronize a Google Calendar with a Resource Booking Calendar in coapp.

New bookings or edits to an existing booking in coapp will be added to the selected Google Calender of the user. Events added to the user's Google Calendar will block the availability in the coapp booking calendar of the connected resource.

Please note that this feature is still in early beta ;)

  1. Navigate to the Google Calendar integration
    Login to community platform and go to Manage > Settings > Integrations > Google Calendar. Here you'll see your connected accounts.

2. Connect your Google Account
To connect google account click on "Add Calendar Account". This will open the google consent view in a pop-up window.

⚠️ Attention

  • some browsers might block pop-ups, please allow this one

  • since our Calendar Integration is still under review by Google, you might receive a warning that "this App has not been reviewed yet". Please click the "advanced"-link on the bottom-left to be able to continue anyway

Click "Allow" to grant access to your calendars to coapp.
After that, you'll be redirected back to manage. That's it ☺️

3. link a booking resource with google calendar
To link a booking resource with google calendar, navigate to Manage > Bookings > Resources and select the resource you wish to connect with your google calendar. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Calendar Synchronization section. In the first dropdown, pick the account that you previously connected following steps 1.-2. After a short loading time, the dropdown below Select calendar to sync with becomes active. Please select the name of the Google Calendar that you want to link with this resource and click update to save it.

🥳 And you're done! From now on coapp will allow bookings only if slots are free both in coapp and Google calendar. New bookings created in coapp also will be added to your linked Google Calendar.

Do you have feedback for us? Don't be shy to reach out to us. We are always happy to talk!

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