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How to set up the booking menu for your members
How to set up the booking menu for your members
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How you add bookable resources to your member booking calendar in the coapp Community Software
  1. Under Admin > Space > Locations create a new Location for your resource. This should indicate where members can actually find the resource i.e. "Building 2, Broadway" or "Online". If you already have created one you can use that location, of course.

  2. Under Admin > Bookings > Booking Menu create a Booking Menu item. This item will show up in the menu when your members click the "+" button and lead them to the booking calendar for resources that have been associated with this menu item.

  3. Under Admin > Bookings > Resources create your Resource and select the location that you chose in step 1 or any other location that has been created before.

  4. Under Admin > Bookings > Resource Categories create a Booking Category that makes sense for grouping your Resources under – i.e. "Meeting Rooms Building 2", "Machines 3rd floor", "Workshops" – and select the "Booking Menu" item you want it to show up under. The menu item you created in step 2. will sho up here.

  5. Add your new Resource to the Booking Category you just created by clicking "Add resources".

Once you have set up your locations, booking menu and categories, you can of course fast-forward from creating a resource to adding it to your already existing Booking Category πŸš€

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