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How to let your users log in with LinkedIn
How to let your users log in with LinkedIn
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To make it as easy as possible for your community to sign up and log in as a member you can now add a Sign up with LinkedIn social login to your community.

Enabling this awesome feature in your community is quite straight-forward:

Create a LinkedIn App

To connect your coapp community with LinkedIn you'll need LinkedIn OAuth credentials. To get these, head over to LinkedIn's developer page. Then, click on Create app:

You should land on a page where you'll be asked to enter some information about the app. Enter the name etc. you want to give your app and connect it with your existing LinkedIn company page. Without a connected LinkedIn Company Page you won't be able to proceed.

Verify your LinkedIn App

Now that we have created an app, we also need to verify it. If you go to the Settings tab of your app, you'll notice under App settings that it says that the app is not verified as being with the company. There is a Verify button in the company section, so we'll click this to verify the app.

Activate Authentication

Now that you have a LinkedIn app up and ready, we need to enable the products we want to use it for. Go to the Products tab of your app to see the list of products available that you can add to your app:

Select the Sign In with LinkedIn product. This is what will allow our own app to let users authenticate via LinkedIn OAuth. Once you select this, you're all set to start using LinkedIn authentication in coapp.

Get your LinkedIn API Credentials

In order to start using the LinkedIn API or OAuth in your app, you'll need a Client ID and a Client Secret for your LinkedIn app. You can find this under the Auth tab of your LinkedIn app:

Grab these credentials and copy them to your coapp LinkedIn Authentication.

Create your coapp LinkedIn Authentication

In coapp go to Manage space > Settings > Authentications > Identity Providers and click on Add to create a new one.

As Provider chose "LinkedIn" in the following form. You'll see that most of the fields have been filled with info already.

Paste the Client ID and Client Secret you created in the LinkedIn API Credentials before and paste them in the input fields in coapp.

Click Save to submit your changes. Finally, copy the value of the Redirect URL and paste it into your LinkedIn App. The Redirect URL is specific to your coapp space and will look like this:

In LinkedIn under the Auth tab, scroll down to the OAuth 2.0 settings section to edit the Authorized redirect URLs for your app.

Please check both coapp and LinkedIn if all data is correct. If so, you and your members should now be able to log in using their LinkedIn account. Try it out by logging out and logging back in again using LinkedIn. Boom, done ✌️

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